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Congratulations Bill and Joanna on the acquisition of CLOUDSTREET. I was the first owner of this boat and she was then called LORADO, a contraction of my best friends first/given names. I employed it as Amel’s sales demonstration boat for North America and enjoyed sailing it up and down the east coast exhibiting at boat shows. When I sold it to the second owner, it was stuck by lightning a hour after we closed the deal. We went back for a Champagne toast and the masthead tri-color was laying on the trunk cabin, smoking. It was repaired perfectly by our Amel trained serviceman Ray Eaton who also had a degree in electrical engineering. The day after it was fully repaired, it got struck by lightning again, while in the very same spot it was the first time. This lays to rest the old saw that lightning never strikes twice… It was repaired again and the folks I sold it to did not appreciate my humor when I tongue in cheek suggested that they name it STRIKE THREE. Somehow the fact that it was hit by lightning became my fault. I stayed in contact with subsequent owners who deeply enjoyed the boat and I was happy to help them with the challenges that boat ownership entails. Hope you got to interact directly with Joe and Tracey whom I also sold it to and enjoyed my relationship with them a great deal . They are good people and the kind of folks you would like to buy a boat from, for certain. Not to worry about the lightning as the boat was put right as good as new with no structural damage at all and never a related problem. If you enjoy it as much as everyone else has, you are in for a great adventure.

Good luck and All the Best, Joel



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We have recently bought Cloudstreet, a 2001 SM 2000. 
We have been Amel web followers for several years and just jumped in.
You may have met us. We have cruised the Eastern Caribbean for the past 10 years on Baidarka, 
a 40 foot Perry designed cutter. Time to move up.  W`e're outfitting in Martinique and are looking forward to continued 
cruising to ???
Bill Reynolds and Joanna Roth (Ex-Alaskans)

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