Re: Super Maramu Main Mast Furling foil Sheered

John Clark

Hi Karen,
   Excellent write up. I did s similar repair on Annie (SM37) and agree 100% to use a reinforcing tube for the bolt.  I wound up using JB-Weld in a similar fashion to regular epoxy as you suggested but did not fill the foil with it.  The key as you said is to distribute the load to avoid point sources of stress.  Annie's foil is original and has 3 circumnavigations....but also attentive previous owners so there was only play between the foil and the coupling before I got to fix it. I do question the epoxy mix you used....I tried it and as you suggested I thickened it with mayonnaise.....but it got very lumpy and not well I figured I over added the mayonnaise and thus thinning was in order so I added some peanut butter...  I don't know what kind of epoxy you used but I could never get mine to work with the mayonnaise and peanut butter.   

   FYI about a year later I, the bad owner, in a moment of carelessness tried to furl the mainsail with a pretty solid breeze and the coupling failed before the foil.  We were downwinding into a channel lines with rock jetties and had a series of turns coming up so I decided to switch to motor and didn't think about the point of sail and wind....and snapped the coupling.  (Amel Martinique had a new one in a week for us) The repaired foil was perfectly fine.   I wonder if Amel engineered the coupling as the sacrificial point of failure?  Important consideration if one were to have one made locally as I was...

Regards,  John
SV Annie SM 37
Brunswick GA....hoping to soon be in the USVI  ;)

On Tue, Jan 28, 2020 at 9:52 PM Karen Smith via Groups.Io <> wrote:
Here is the detailed write up, of what we did, when we had this issue a year ago. We are quite happy with it!  Amel Mainsail Foil Repair

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