SSB Ground

Joerg Esdorn

On my boat, I have the Amel provided SSB installation with the whip antenna and 2 dynaplates on the skeg as ground.  I've participated in the MedNet a bit over the last couple of years and have noticed that I often can hear boats yet they cannot hear me or can hear only a weak signal.  More often then not, my transmission seems to come in weak.  I have spoken to a number of SSB experts in the last couple of years and made some modifications to the installation which have been somewhat successful.  I still think that I my SSB creates a weaker signal than most others.  I've now spoken to another expert here on the US West Coast who suggests to increase the amount of ground the boat has by connecting more metal inside the boat to the ground system.  I'm thinking of connecting the fuel tank to the SSB ground, for example.  The connection would be by 7 cm wide copper tape - so it's not an easy thing to do as the fuel tank and the Antenna tuner are separated by a watertight bulkhead.  Has anyone done this or done something else that has helped?  

Many thanks for any advice!  Cheers Joerg

Joerg Esdorn
A55 #53, Kincsem

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