Re: SSB Ground

Herbert Lackner

to be more specific:  Your ground is the sea. So you need a good electrical (HF - high frequency connection) to sea-water. This is done by your dynaplate. If you connect your bonding system you will make your HF connection to the sea better, but you will probably connect Battery (-) via the tuner to the bonding system, this is what you do not want. But you can do that, if you make sure that there is only a HF connection from tuner to the bonding system, this can be done by making the connection using capacitors. They will block any DC connection but will allow HF. This is the typical installation on steel hull boats.

If you glue copper foil to your bottom you are building big capacitors (foil - grp - water) that also allow HF running through it. Just adding metal (like your tank) without connection to the water does not really help...

herbert, SN120

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