Re: SSB Ground

Joerg Esdorn

Thanks very much everyone for responding.  I had thought I would disconnect the tank from the common ships ground and connect it to the SSB ground.  I have been checking my connections since the boat was new in 2016 and replaced the cable from the transmitter to the tuner, replaced the antenna cable from the tuner to the whip - connection to the whip was not good, replaced the cable connecting the Dynaplates to the tuner with copper tape.  All these things have made a difference between nobody hearing me to people now hearing me ok some of the time.  But as I said in the original post, I still often  have the situation where I can hear another boat quite well yet they cannot hear me.  This indicates to me that my transmission isn’t as good as that of the other boat.  I have been told that the whip antenna is not as good as the insulated backstay on most boats in low frequencies - the MedNet mostly operates on the 6 MHz band.  So that may be one reason.  Dave, many thanks for sending the troubleshooting articles.  What instruments do I need to test the system?  

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