Re: Santorin C Drive leaks

Jean-Pierre Massicotte

Hello Volker, unfortunately you will have to change the seals to remedy this problem.
Normally when we change the seals we also change the wearable bushing. All available thrue Amel S.A.V. Santorin where produced with 2 différents Amel transmission, one small in aluminium or the same as SM in cast Iron. You need to know before ordering parts.


J P Massicotte, SN 51, Vanille

On Sat., Feb. 1, 2020, 06:46 Volker Hasenauer, <volker.hasenauer@...> wrote:
Dear Amel Owners,

I bought my Santorin (027) 3 month ago and getting her ready for the first move - from the port I bought her to my home port in Langkawi/Malaysia. Its a trip of approx 1200 Nm - but round Singapore where authorities are very particular.

I checked many systems already and mostly they are in working order, however the C Drive reservoir has signs of water in it,so its obvious that the seal on the shaft has not doing well.

I have 2 questions at the moment:

1. what oil is needed for the C Drive - I presume ATF?
2. any idea to reduce the water/oil mix and top it up with clean oil? - there is NO possibility to haul out the boat where she is and I need to move her in this condition..... l hope the wind is with me and I do not need to run the engine too much...but there is a big chance that my luck is not always with me....

Any suggestions are most welcome!

Aquamarine/Amel Santorin (027)
currently Borneo/Malaysia  

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