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Mark & Debbie Mueller

Hi Matt,


We had been insured with Pantaenius US for the last two years with no issues.  However, our policy renewal date was January 1 and the new policy conditions that Pantaenius imposed were so onerous and unreasonable that we were forced to switch carriers.


Pantaenius changed the upper boundary of the hurricane box to 35° North, this bisects Cape Hatteras.  Our nearest port North then becomes Hampton or Norfolk.  An additional deterrent was departing Norfolk on or after December 1; it gets pretty real cold at that time of the year.  They also changed the dates of the hurricane season from July 15 – November 1 to July 1 – November 30 with no boundary for the southern end of the box.  The change in dates decreased summer sailing season by 45 days if you plan to sail the Bahamas or the Caribbean.  They now also require that the “insured vessel shall be secured between two fixed piers or a fixed pier and a bulkhead or two bulkheads; these fixed structures to which the insured vessel is secured must be suitable to sustain the wave action of the NTS. The size of the berth and the manner in which the insured vessel is secured shall be such that there is a minimum of 6 feet of distance between the vessel and each fixed pier or bulkhead and any adjacent vessels or pilings. The insured vessel shall NOT be secured to floating piers or docks…”.  I believe you have been at Brunswick Landing Marina in Brunswick, GA; these policy conditions exclude Brunswick as a harbor that has traditionally been very safe during hurricane season.  Pantaenius also had an increase in the lightning deductible plus a substantial increase in premium.


If Pantaenius becomes one of your final candidates I would go over the policy conditions very thoroughly.  We selected:



Hugo Hanham-Gross

Hanham Insurance Agency


Charleston, SC  29403

Mark Mueller
Brass Ring  A54

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