Re: Insurance in Europe

Matt Salatino

Hi Mark,
First, Congratulations on your new boat! I’m sure our paths will cross. We plan to leave La Rochelle, headed for the Med in May with our new 50.
As for insurance, we did considerable research. We’re interested in a carrier who will work, hard, to make us whole in case of a claim, vs. carriers who work equally hard to avoid paying a claim. Of course, we are interested in not paying the highest premium, too. All this said, in 33 years of boat ownership, we’ve never made a claim.
So, after reading dozens of reviews, our favorite was Pantaenius UK. Unfortunately, being a US-flagged boat, they wouldn’t talk to us and referred us to Pantaenius US, not our favorite, but after considerable dialog with our broker, who we’ve known for a decade, we went with them. I did hear good things about Yachtinsure (
In which country are you flagging your yacht?


On Feb 1, 2020, at 2:28 PM, Mark Dajani via Groups.Io <mdajani@...> wrote:

Hello Matt,

My Name is Mark Dajani,   I will be picking up my Amel 60 this June and plan to keep it in the med for a year or so before moving on.    I read your entire flow on the boat building process and it was very helpful.   the Amel folks have been a pleasure to work with.     

I am ready to get Insurance,   I would certainly appreciate any insights from your experience.   Which agency / carrier did you end up with.   what would you do differently?   thanks so much for any advice you may have.


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