Re: SSB Ground

Joerg Esdorn


Thank you, Herbert.  I will clean the dynaplates next.  I have had the tuner and the transmitter tested twice and I do hear the tuner clicking.  My antenna is installed next to the davits but I asked the manufacturer of the antenna about that and they said it was fine.  I will try to swing the mizzen boom away, though.  

Daniel.  I have removed that extra wire as well.  The control wire from the transmitter to the tuner carries ground as well so the additional wire Amel installed is not necessary and may be harmful as you say.

Following the link to the SSB goodies you sent, I see the SSB grounding paint. Someone told me to paint the bottom of the Lazarette with that paint and connect it to the tuner with copper tape.  Theoretically this should work but has anyone tried it?  

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