Re: Gas struts for windscreens

Courtney Gorman

Hi paul I bought mine from Defender Marine 
If you want to replace them because they’re stuck and closed soap them in a bottle of Coca-Cola for 24 hours then hold them and hit the moving in on top with a hammer and it should come free after a couple of hard blows

On Feb 3, 2020, at 1:03 PM, Paul Dowd and Sharon Brown <paul.dowd@...> wrote:

Hi all,


I would greatly appreciate if someone could tell me where in the USA I can order replacement gas struts for the Amel 54 windscreens. I was about to go with a company called Ace Controls but it turned out there is an 8 week lead time for the stainless version.




S/Y Ya Fohi - Amel 54 #98


Ya Fohi - Amel 54 #98

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