Re: Reefing and sail-handling on conventionally rigged Maramu, versus electric furling?

Bill Fletcher

Hi Paul

I currently own a 1985 Maramu but the only rub it is currently in New Zealand. If you are interested contact me directly. 


On Mon, Feb 3, 2020 at 11:48 AM Paul Villinski <paul@...> wrote:
Hello Brain Trust,

We are in the market for a Maramu or Santorin within striking distance of the US East Coast. I have been focused on 1985 or later vessels with electric furling main and genoa, as ease of reefing and sail-handling from the cockpit is very important to us. However, there are currently no boats with electric furling for sale near the East Coast, and I am now wondering about looking at earlier, conventionally rigged boats. My question for pre-1985 Maramu owners is: are the main halyard and reefing lines normally led back to the cockpit -- was the boat set up this way by the factory? Is it possible to hoist and reef the main and mizzen without leaving the cockpit? If this was not the original set-up, have owners modified their running rigging to make this possible? Finally, how do owners think about the value of electric furling on a Maramu versus conventional set-up? My inclination is to wait for a later boat with electric furling to come on the market, but I may be prioritizing this too much. I will appreciate you input and experience!

Many thanks,
Paul Villinski
currently sailing a 1986 Sabre 32

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