genoa sheet track end cap/pulley block

John Clark

Hi All,
   I have finally gotten around to replacing the genoa sheet cars and have hit some unanticipated trouble.   Thanks to the Forum I was well prepared for releasing the rail stanchon which went without a hitch.  I am however stuck on how to remove the pulley block at the end of the track.  See picture attached to this post.   Annie does not have an eye-bolt on top of the pulley like later SMs...I am berthed next door to SV Ripple an SM2k which has the eye-bolt Annie has a stud with a bolt on top.

Following some earlier posts about bolts inside the hull I felt around under the deck and can feel the ends of the T-track bolts and what I think is the same end of the pulley-block bolt.  Not nuts in there only the bolt ends leading me to believe the bolt is threaded on both sides and will back out.  I double nutted the top and tried to break it free to no avail. 

Anyone have insight on how to detach this block?

John Clark
SV Annie  SM37
Brunswick GA....till I get this fixed. 


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