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Mike Longcor (SV Trilogy)

Congrats Jer!

We replaced our old galley fridge last year with an Isotherm CR130EL sourced from Marine Warehouse (we were in Panama at the time but I think they are Florida based). It was a good fit and most models are 12/24V and can switch to A.C. power (120/240V 50/60Hz) when on generator or shore power. We reused the mounting gear from the old Electrolux fridge without too much hassle.

For the under seat fridge/freezer, it's usually the electronic control unit or the cooling fan that cause problems. Finding a replacement for the control unit can be tricky and expensive. While we were in USA, we found a 24V replacement online from Coastal Climate Control for $285 (part# E254424). It has been working great for over 2 years now. For cooling fans, you can use pretty much any low amp computer cooling fan that's 24V. We are using one now by Yate Loon that's 2400rpm 0.3A 90CFM 43dBA but there are lots of options out there. We took out the old fan/motor and used strong mounting Velcro to mount the new fan to the horizontal crossbar. The compressor, condenser, evaporator, thermostat, etc were all in fine working order for us. The compressor is especially robust but I would check the electrical resistance/continuity of the pins (sorry I can't find the procedure/values at the moment). Also you might want to have the refrigerant system checked (charged and not leaking) before replacing components.

If your toilets are Raritan PHII, I think those are great toilets, despite being manual. There are kits available to rebuild them like new. I haven't had any issues with mine and only replaced a couple o-rings and seals. Might be worthwhile to try before going electric/macerator.

Hope this helps!

Mike Longcor
SV Trilogy - SM23
Opua, NZ

On Tue, Feb 4, 2020, 1:17 AM mr_hermanns <jeremy@...> wrote:

Hello fellow Amelians!

My Wife and I have purchased SM#180 (Anni Bea True).

She's a project boat for sure, and has almost all original systems except for an Yanmar engine upgrade (similar to the one on Cerulean my Maramu #105.).

Having been a Amel Maramu owner for the past 8+ years, I'm quickly learning the differences between 'Super' and 'OG' Maramu models. As well as the nuances of each boat for the first time - which is very exciting!!!

We've already had a heck of a time upgrading all the electronics with:
- B&G Zeus Chartplotters
- Dumping the old green CRT Furuno with a Halo Radar unit
- All new Tritons in cockpit
- Working depth transducer (went out every 10-15minutes intermittently)
- New Olympic 135 Compass
(yes, believe it or not she had a non functioning and zero oil Olympic 135)
- Replacing old sonic speed indicator
- Side Scan sonar install
- Replacing running rigging (90% chafed halyards, improperly rigged travelers and almost every other line you can think of was worn and showing signs of fatigue) we even blew out the old Bosuns chair safety line when putting new wind wand on mast!

There is much more to even mention, but will wait for later posts to address and mention.

Status: Been heading down east coast of US over past 2 weeks offshore (purchased in Annapolis and now in Ft Lauderdale) and planning to transit the canal in the next month on our way back to Marina Del Rey (our home) via MX.

Just wanted to reintroduce myself and looking forward to working through the many issues we encounter with you all and learn from the amazing collective wisdom of the group.

Things we can get advice on:
- Fridge and Freezer are on LAST legs, with the Galley fridge being a top priority with dead cold plates.
*Any recos on 24v suppliers or people to help while we are in FL!?
- Toilets are original 1996/1997 and looking to upgrade to self macerating prob.

Note: I’m sadly selling Cerulean Maramu #105 after almost a decade of upgrades and getting her to past new condition. Inquire if interested....literally no expense spared and BETTER than new.

Jeremy Hermanns - "Jer"
Maramu #105
New: SM #180 Owner

Marina Del Rey, CA

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