Re: genoa sheet track end cap/pulley block

John Clark

Thanks Alan and Mike,
    Looks like Annie is slightly different that #23 and #437 in that there was no eye bolt and the stud is threaded on the top, with no bolt head. Maybe previous owner modification, who knows. 
 Based on what you guys said, I took a leap of faith that the stud on Annie was also threaded on the bottom and deployed the impact wrench on the triple nutted (nuts locked in place by each other) stud.  It took a few seconds of "impacting" before she started to back out.  After cleaning the threads, the stud screwed into the aluminum track  by smoothly by hand. 

FYI for any others tacking this job, the stud is threaded into the aluminium track and bottoms out at the surface of the hull. On Annie there is no penetration below the deck.   It is not threaded or attached to the black anodized block...except by salt and corrosion.  Same salt and corrosion further down probably resisted me turning it by hand.   Will utilize TefGel on the reassembly so that I don't have this fight again.  

Now to reassembly and clean up.  The birds and my liberal use of Corrosion X pretreatment have made a mess on the boat.  

John Clark
SV Annie SM 37
Brunswick GA

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