Espar heater exhaust hose?

David Lambertsen

Hello, Amel Club,

I want to replace the Espar heater exhaust hose on my 1989 Maramu #258.  The Espar was installed by Amel as original equipment.  The braided metal exhaust pipe goes into a metal pipe chase (a heat shield) and goes through the hull on the port side.  The exterior hull fitting looks like an Espar fitting.  I do not want to remove the exterior hull fitting until I know how to the exhaust hose is attached. It would be great to just remove the exterior hull fitting and pull out the hose, but I can't count a simple solution.  I may need to replace the pipe chase, too.  It is glassed onto the inside of the hull in my cockpit locker.

If anyone has dealt with replacing the exhaust hose and pipe chase, please tell me whatever you can.  I searched the site for photo and messages, but only found info on installing Espar heaters after a boat was constructed.  
David Lambertsen
s/v Have Fun!
1989 Maramu 258

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