Re: washing machine and dryer for Amel 54

Scott SV Tengah

I installed the Beko WTE6511BW. It barely fits but the advantage is that has a 6kg load capacity, bigger than the original Bosch.

A few notes:

1) To secure from the rear, there are two holes where the "shipping plugs" fit. These match up nearly to the horizontal Amel wooden brace that runs fore-aft. We drilled two holes in the wood, put a long bolt in there and put appropriate washers on the port side of the wood brace and then gingerly put washers on the inside of the back panel of the washer and put a nut there. Access to the inside is possible via the service panel. 

We also added some wood shims below the front feet of the washer, aka the starboard edge of the washer. The boatyard initially just shoved it in when I was busy working with another contractor on another part of the boat so I didn't realize they didn't secure it. Only after the machine fell out at a 45 degree angle while sailing upwind did I spend the day or two securing it properly!

2) We need to run it at 600rpm spin cycle. Any more and the spinning drum will sometimes hit the case for the first few seconds of the spin cycle.

In any event, we've run it for 2 years, at least 2x a week and we're very happy with it. The Eco 40degC cycle is perfect in our experience.

2007 A54 #69
SV Tengah

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