Re: A54 fridge circulation pump

Scott SV Tengah


The output from the Frigoboat E51385 box is 12v. As Bill mentioned, it's the fan controller on the compressor that outputs 12v, seems the Frigoboat box only passes that through.

Not sure if you have the same E51385 box, but if so, we need to figure out a couple of things:

- Can the VESC controller simply get a control input of say, 12v and then output the right voltage/current to run the brushless motor at a specified rpm?
- Is there a 12v motor available?

For the latter, if we can't get a 12v brushless motor that works, we could simply run a hella relay energized by the Frigoboat E51385 box and passthrough 24v. At least on A54 #69, there's a pair of 24v posts right near the chain wash pump.

I went and checked my new Flojet pump today. It's damn hot and the brushes are probably wearing down fast. We need to figure this out before I lose anymore food.

As an aside - Mohammad, what pump model is on your boat? Given that the rest of us A54 owners have experienced 6-12 month pump life, I still believe your longevity is due to your non-tropical, part-time, no freezer use case, perhaps a previous owner of your boat found a pump solution that we can all use.

2007 A54 #69
SV Tengah

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