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You hit the nail on the head. I was ready to shut this thread down when you made your comment. I believe that Oliver Henrichsen is a very good engineer and has a working, unique, and clearly a good solution to an issue that impacts all 54, 55, and possibly 50 & 60 owners. The problem I have with this thread is that the solution is still vague and we have over 60 posts. It seems like a great solution, but we are going nowhere.

Oliver's words and my comments in RED:
  1. He says, "24v batterie directly to the VESC" OK, the new pump motor is running on 24VDC and I assume the Danfoss Controller is no longer used for the water pump.
  2. He says, " The motor/pump speed is open to be controlled from 0 to 100%" I assume by the VESC?      
  3. He says, "My fridge/freezer controller is part of the ship Computer system and connected to NMEA2K bus. The original thermostats are no more used. Instead precise electronic thermometers are in both devices. These still are temperature sensors, or in English, thermostats, and is NMEA2k part of the control system?
  4. He says, "The controller checks on these thermometers and decides about cooling needs." What is the "controller?
  5. He says, "If one unit is above set threshold the controller looks also for the other and if ever possible colls both at the same time. This will further reduce working time of the raw water pump." Is this logic handled by the VESC and does the user set the parameters by connecting to the VESC via the USB connector?
  6. He says,  The controller sends serial commands to the VESC. but the VESC is very versatile so its also possible to regulate it in a simple way."  Again, what is the controller and how is it linked to the VESC
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On Wed, Feb 5, 2020 at 12:25 PM Scott SV Tengah <Scott.nguyen@...> wrote:

The output from the Frigoboat E51385 box is 12v. As Bill mentioned, it's the fan controller on the compressor that outputs 12v, seems the Frigoboat box only passes that through.

Not sure if you have the same E51385 box, but if so, we need to figure out a couple of things:

- Can the VESC controller simply get a control input of say, 12v and then output the right voltage/current to run the brushless motor at a specified rpm?
- Is there a 12v motor available?

For the latter, if we can't get a 12v brushless motor that works, we could simply run a hella relay energized by the Frigoboat E51385 box and passthrough 24v. At least on A54 #69, there's a pair of 24v posts right near the chain wash pump.

I went and checked my new Flojet pump today. It's damn hot and the brushes are probably wearing down fast. We need to figure this out before I lose anymore food.

As an aside - Mohammad, what pump model is on your boat? Given that the rest of us A54 owners have experienced 6-12 month pump life, I still believe your longevity is due to your non-tropical, part-time, no freezer use case, perhaps a previous owner of your boat found a pump solution that we can all use.

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