Re: Reefing and sail-handling on conventionally rigged Maramu, versus electric furling?

David Wallace

Yes our main does have battens. Profurl claims that the slot between the mast and foil creates added lift and thus speed but I can’t attest to that. For us the main advantages of the furling boom are that the main can be reefed off the wind, and of coarse the sail self-stows when lowered. But I just saw the response from Dennis Johns who has much greater experience than I do and I think he gives you a very good answer!

Dave Wallace
sv Air Ops
Maramu #104

On Feb 5, 2020, at 7:46 AM, Paul Villinski <paul@...> wrote:

David, thank you for telling me about your set-up on Air Ops, which sounds like a very good alternative to the Amel motorized, in-mast furling. My understanding is that in-boom furling allows the sail to have some roach, which isn't possible with in-mast furling, as well as battens. I am guessing there is a not insignificant improvement in performance with this arrangement? I've also been fortunate to hear from another owner of a conventionally rigged Maramu via email, and his experience has been nothing but positive -- he makes the case for the simplicity and reliability of the standard rig. 

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