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I don't know if anyone suggested it yet, but I would install a pressure gauge on the intake manifold to read the boost pressure. With that and a pyro, you can usually isolate any type of problem. Eric maramu 105

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I hope this is not too late to help. I agree with all that has been said in reply to your problem. I would also check the following: Remove the "actuating rod" that goes from the vacuum pot that is connected to the small arm on the top of the turbo. This arm goes to a shaft that operates the valve that regulates (the wastegate) the pressure (boost) that the turbo can produce. This shaft "cokes up" and can freeze in the open position causing the boost from the turbo to exit the chamber and go out the exhaust, no boost no RPM.

It is also possible that someone has put a small crescent wrench on the flat arm and tried to work it back and forth to free it up. This may work, but it may also cause the small weld between the shaft and the flat are to break (very hard to see with naked eye) If this happens then everything will look like it is working, but in fact the arm is moving and the shaft is not, causing the same problem, wastegate stuck in the open position.

Final thought. It seems that when Perkins, Volvo, GM who ever, asked Garret to supply the turbo they insisted that no parts be sold at retail. The dealers will be happy to sell you a complete turbo, but not the individual parts. My personal rant.

Good luck and fair seas,


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hello, i'm helping kent bring his SM hull number 243 to richmond via bahamas. We are currently at the docks in ft lauderdale.

Kent sailed the boat from tx to ft laurdale and was only able to acheive a max of 1600 rpm.

Based upon previous experience and all the posts Ray Eaton was convinced that it was the turbo. Ray took the turbo off the boat had some part was broken and need to be replaced. The turbo was fixed and cleaned, so no carbon issues.

Also the prop ws cleaned before he left texas. So the probability that it is the prop is not high either. We haven't dove in yet to check but i do plan to do that on monday.

We are only able to do 1250 RPM under load. Engine doesn't smoke at all btw.

The Raycor's have also been cleaned.

Clearly this is an issue with these engines and most of the problem is related to carbon build up. After tracing the above and finding no problems, where do we go from here... injectors? fuel pump? and also any easy way to check.

Thank you.

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