AM54 inverter 24/220 volts

Ulrich Michael Dangelmeyer

Hello, Amelians,
we have long been gratefully following the valuable and helpful exchange of experiences in this great round. We are happy owners of "Soleil Bleu", AM54 / 88, which is currently hibernating in Leros, Greece. We will be back on board in April.
Since we haven't known our boat in detail for so long, I have a simple question: on the AM 54 a 24/220 Volts inverter should be installed, so that 220 V can be drawn from the sockets via the batteries even without a generator or shore power. So far I haven't discovered this inverter: where is it installed and how do I activate it? At the control panel there is only a fuse for 220 V sockets. But this does not work without external power supply. Is there anything special to consider to avoid damage. Up to now, we have always switched on the generator to draw 220 V on the road.
Thanks for any good advice from you all on this topic, also as a side issue.

Best Regards and always fair winds and one hand whisky in the bilge!

Ulrich Michael & Beate
"Soleil Bleu" /AM54#88

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