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Mike Ondra

Hi Pat, 
Haven Harbor pulled out the gutter to paint the rub rail and then re-inserted the old one. It was part of the overall job and not a broken out line item. I don’t think it was a significant element of their work labor wise. Like so many projects on a boat when you ask somebody to quote the labor they’re going to need to figure high.
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On Feb 7, 2020, at 5:41 AM, Rink De Haan <rinkdehaan@...> wrote:

Hi Patric and Jarek

I am also in the process of changing my rub rail insert. 
I got mine from Amel and got a profile drawing from Maud to check the type of insert (see picture). 
The yard in Greece is currently removing the old one. I can tell the price after a few days. 
I’ll insert the new one after the rub rail is polished. That will be in April. 

Hope this helps
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Op vr 7 feb. 2020 om 10:44 schreef Jarek Zemlo via Groups.Io <>
Hello Patric,

I am intending to do the same but can not get the new insert. Contacted AMEL but they replied that they do not have the new for my SM 1997. Where did you get yours if I may ask? 

I am in Belgium at present reciting my boat and $ 1.600 sounds very high. I guess here I can do this operation fo 50% less if not lower. 

AMEL quoted EUR 25,95 per running metre for the new insert but they are not sure if this is the correct profile for my SM 1997.

Jarek Zemlo

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