Engine Mounts and Decoupling Vetus/Engine Block

Alan "Woody" Wood

Hi All

I've got a few jobs that require decoupling the Vetus from the engine block:

  • Changing engine mounts
  • Changing the Vetus rubber coupling parts
  • Replacing an oil seal/gasket on the flywheel bell housing (it's very leaky!). 

I've trawled the threads and got a fair idea of what to do for the most part (I think!), so thanks to all who contributed, but still have a few questions:

  • What engine mounts are used on SM 97's with a TMD 22 engine - there seems to be plenty of discussion on the subject but no definitive answer?
  • How exactly does the alignment tool (designed by Eric Freedman I think) work in practice? 
  • There is a bit of discussion about 'the trick' to avoid cutting the heads off the coupling bolts - how does this work in practice? 
Anything else you think I should consider while it's all apart? I have the added complication of a prop alternator fitted to the shaft by the way :/

Thanks in advance!


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