Re: Engine Mounts and Decoupling Vetus/Engine Block

Porter McRoberts

A quick question to all:
We also need to unmount our new Volvo to replace a seal on the c-drive.  

My question: Boat is currently out of the water and would be easy to do.  Should re-allignment of the motor occur in water? Or since we have a rail, is it ok to do on land? I had been told previously that with most sailboats motors must be aligned only in the water secondary to hull flex.  Is that also the case with our 54?  It seems to be very stiff, and then there the engine rail mount system.

Many thanks, 

Porter McRoberts 
A54-152 IBIS

On Feb 7, 2020, at 10:06 AM, Alan Woody Wood <woody@...> wrote:

Hi All

I've got a few jobs that require decoupling the Vetus from the engine block:

  • Changing engine mounts
  • Changing the Vetus rubber coupling parts
  • Replacing an oil seal/gasket on the flywheel bell housing (it's very leaky!). 

I've trawled the threads and got a fair idea of what to do for the most part (I think!), so thanks to all who contributed, but still have a few questions:

  • What engine mounts are used on SM 97's with a TMD 22 engine - there seems to be plenty of discussion on the subject but no definitive answer?
  • How exactly does the alignment tool (designed by Eric Freedman I think) work in practice? 
  • There is a bit of discussion about 'the trick' to avoid cutting the heads off the coupling bolts - how does this work in practice? 
Anything else you think I should consider while it's all apart? I have the added complication of a prop alternator fitted to the shaft by the way :/

Thanks in advance!


<Vetus decoupling.jpg>

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