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Patrick McAneny

Steve, I awlgripped my boat 12 yrs. ago, and it looked like a new boat and has looked great for years. A 47 cat (rental boat) drug down on us , at 4am. in Guadeloupe last winter,thus the need for a new paint job. I think I will go with Awlcraft this time ,a bit softer but easily repaired ,unlike Awlgrip. I need to research that a bit more ,but a couple of painters have suggested I consider going with Awlcraft. 
Thanks for info,
SM Shenanigans

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Hi Pat,

When we had our hull painted in Trinidad in 2016, it took 2 guys half an hour to remove both sides, and about an hour to re-install the old one after I had cleaned it up. I suspect the yard is bidding high because they don’t realize how easy the job is. 

You will love the look of the paint when it’s done, and ours has held up well. We did the boot stripe in awlgrip desert sand, and in the 2 stripe style of a newer 54...It looks really nice. 

Steve Davis
Aloha SM 72...On the hard in Hawaii

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