Adding Air Conditioning to '94 SM #117

Steve Bode

Hey, Friends,

I found a 'sponsor' who wants me to add air conditioning to Intention. Is this completely insane? I couldn't find anyone in the forum who's done it. Seems like it would be easier to buy a new boat! At first blush, it looks like I need to do the following:
- Buy three AC/Heater units, aft, cabin and forward compartments, cause the heater units that are currently installed there will be replaced
- Drill six holes in the hull and add through-hulls and valves, hose to connect the units, Do other boats pull sea water from another inlet like the toilet or something?
- what about seawater pumps? Are they needed? What about sea strainers?
- Buy 90˚ hard-plastic pipes that go on the end of the units
- buy some kinda ducting to feed the cool air into a vent somehow
- Build mounting plates and securing bolts to keep the units in place
- Figure out how to get 220v to the units
- Run control wire up to a thermostat and figure out how to mount that thing.
- Add a switch to the 220v control panel that somehow turns off all three units?!

Anyone done this? Would you recommend I fake a major injury instead of take this on?
Steve Bode
Capt. SV Intention
Amel SM #117 (1994)
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