An easy way to decouple the C drive.

Eric Freedman

The first photo is how I disassembled the C drive apparatus. The Disk brake hub and the C drive are exactly the same diameter—almost a pres fit.Yours is different.


When you have it apart take the part that connects to a machine shop and have them remove a few thousands from the inside diameter. Being that you do not have a disk brake the tool might or might not need modification. It also might be easier to disconnect the C drive from the attached mechanisms.


The alignment device is a copy of the more intricate one used by Amel. It was not my design. With the disk brake the bolts holding the disk to the coupling could not be removed. I cut them off and replaced them with a piece of threaded rod and nylocks to keep the assembly tight. I just check the nuts every year , so far they are as tight as installed.

If you have any more questions please do not hesitate to contact me as I Will be changing out my engine in April and will have even more info.

The PDF was from Olivier—


The disk is quite ugly and rusted. When I change out my engine , I am going to have one made of stainless steel.

Fair Winds


Amel Super Maramu #376



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having the Amel shaft alternator you should make the "alignment tool" longer as you have to take away the shaft alternator pulley for doing the alignment. It works if you have the tool according to the spec that you find in the forum, but if I would do it again I would add the width of the pulley to the length of the tool, would make the alignment much easier.  the process for the alignment itself is easy, in the water or on the hard, and you find all relevant information in the forum.

I had problems to get the vetus coupling of the drive-shaft, but with a hammer, a big puller and a lot of time it worked.

herbert, SN120

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