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Mark Erdos

Pat, it is very heavy and the freight is the killer if ordered from Amel


We managed to get replacement rub-rail inserts from another owner in Martinique.



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Gary, I don't understand the cost of $2686. for the insert/scupper ,Maud quoted me about $798. Euro . I agree a painted boat is much easier to keep clean and shiny. The paint is not porous like the gelcoat ,thus does not hold stains. I will use your time for labor to install the scuppers to negotiate a better price before submitting to my insurance company. 



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I obtained my rub rail insert (I call it "scupper") from SAV in Dec 2017 for repairs Liahona ( Hull # 335) sustained during Hurricanes Irma and Maria.  The material, including shipping (air freight) to Puerto Rico was $,2686 US.  Removal of the original scupper is very quick (easily less than one hour),  I wasn't present when they inserted the new scupper but did see it done to Liahona's sister boat, "Cloud Street" (Hull # 333 I believe) done a few weeks after my boat was done.  I would estimate that it took two workers about 4 hrs per side to install the new scupper material. 

Sorry for thread creep: Following hurricane repairs my hull, boot stripe, rub rail, and toe rail (including all hatch surrounds and hatch areas that were matching color) were painted with multiple coats of epoxy primer followed by multiple coats (5 as I recall) of Awlcraft.  It was explained and demonstrated to me that re-gel coating damaged areas would lead to excessive porosity and poor outcome.  It was further explained to me that Awlcraft was easier to repair than Awlgrip and that is why it was recommended to me.  It looks great and my boat maintenance has decreased since I don't have to wax the toe rail and rub rail every couple of months.  I choose Awlgrip for my deck-stripe repaint due to it being harder and more abrasion resistant.  

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Gary S Silver
s/v Liahona
Amel SM 2000 # 335
Puerto Del Rey Marina,  Puerto Rico

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