Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] 2nd Forestay on Super Maramu

Steve Bode

This is a very interesting thread! I love the way Intention sails in all wind conditions! Last summer, we were punching into 30+ knots apparent with two reefs in the genoa, no main and one reef in the mizzen and she was ever so happy to do so. I was very pleased. 

Sorry if this is not the right thread for this question, but I see several people in this thread mention a 90% jib. That's what I'd like because sailing in the med, we often need to punch into the wind for days and a 90 would be built for the task. The issue is when we reef the genoa, while the sail shape is okay, the leads are so far outboard that we can't point. Again, I am NOT interested in rigging a staysail stay. I would drop the genoa and raise the 'blade' instead of the Genoa.
So, here are my questions;

1. Would buying a new 90 and laying a new track on the deck that was more inboard be a good idea or not?

2. Has anyone out there actually done something like this on their SM and what was your experience? I saw pictures of a SM with a self-tacking track setup (SV Nomad) and a staysail. Mind you, I am NOT interested in a staysail, I would drop the jib and rig the 90 on days when I know I'm headed upwind all day...or all week.

Many thanks for your input.


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