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Steve Bode

Okay, because several people asked for it, I posted this short, silly video of me installing the toe rail. Mind you, it was June in Bodrum, 100 degrees and we were cursing and swearing when we were doing this, but afterward we realized, "that wasn't so hard". I could do this again in under an hour.

From the description in the video:

Replacing the rubber between the deck and the freeboard is not an easy procedure for one person, however, with knowledge of how it's done, can be accomplished without much loss of life. I struggled and struggled and finally got a system using copious amounts of dishsoap, two people and a 'pre-loading and press-in" procedure that works quite nicely. Tricks learned:  1. We did this while the boat was at the dock. We snugged the boat up close. Heaven help you if you have to do this on the hard. 2. wash and clean the rubber first. 3. Have a new bottle of dishsoap handy 4. plan on two people for the job. One to insert the rubber onto the edge of the fiberglass from the hull (what I call the protrusion) and the other person to press it into place against the gunwale about a half meter behind the first person. 5. Make sure you have the right rubber for the right side of the boat. 6. Start from the forward most chainplate and press the rubber slot onto the protrusion. Start at the chainplate because the rubber is cut and it's easier to get it started.  7. Lube up the rubber with copious amounts of dishsoap. Especially the slot and the back that will need to be pressed down against the gunwale.  8. Do not continue until you have  measured out the rubber to be sure that it will reach the full length to the bow. You will need to stretch the rubber just enough to cover the distance, but not too much or you will have too much. 9. Press the rubber onto the protrusion for about a half meter. 10. Starting back a half meter from where you have the rubber on the protrusion. press the rubber down against the gunwale with a wooden stick (I found a stout wooden spatchula works best) being careful not to scratch the gunwale. Don't use metal (like we did in the video!) 11. With two people, while one person is a half meter ahead lubing and fitting the rubber onto the hull protrusion, the other is back a half meter pressing it down against the gunwale. Good luck, Bode
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