Re: A54 bow thruster directly to battery or through main switches?

Rudolf Waldispuehl

Hi Scott, 
Matt's input sounds familiar to me and it is worth to touch each and every cable inside and around the Sleipner BT.

I had a similar experience few month ago where the BT sometimes worked and sometimes not. I measured all cables with the Volt Meter and all the circuits showed me the Voltage as expected in working order. I was close to give up after tested all Voltages, also the BT-Motor including the brushes looked good. Then I started (with the Ohm-Meter) to measure  the residences on the cables which should be very low with that sizes of cables. I found a short cable who had a bit higher resistant.

But the connections looked good because the cable and cable-ring terminals where put together with shrink-tubes. I disconnected the cable and pulled on it and the ring-terminal came off. The result you can find on the pictures attached. The cable looked like welded OFF¨! New cables solved the problem. 

Ruedi Waldispuehl
SV WASABI - Marina di Ragusa (Sicily)
AMEL 54 #55 (2007)

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