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Erick MEJEAN <maramu@...>

Hi Vito
Given the shape of the stern and if esthetique is of your concern it will be very difficult to find some davits that can lift your tender to an acceptable and safe high while sailing in rough sea.
I'm using the SM boomerang type. I use them mostly at night while mooring in order to avoid to get my tender stolen. I also use them while motoring and sailing in light medium winds. It does a reasonable good job provided that you tie the tender up to prevent any swinging. In rough sea I simply lift the tender either on the forward deck (but it blocks your forward vision) or the rear sun deck. I have been hit a couple of time downwind by some big breaking waves and I don't know in such circumstances of any davit which could resist the pressure of the water being applied on the tender. Not to mention the effect of the large amount of water which would be trapped in the tender.
To hold the tender I'm using some quick release spring hook. If I need to clear the stern and move the tender forward quickly while maneuvering in a marina either to take a mooring or to refuel I just release the hooks and the tender will fall into the water. One crew can then pull it forward
My tender is 3.20 hard hull zodiac. If I lift it on the rear sun deck it is slightly too long to be able to use the after mast sail sheet as it is.
As such I tie a vectran strap between the two eye bolt located on port and starboard usually used to hook the after mast ballooner block. This strap has three boucles, one on starboard one in the middle and one on port side. I then remove the after mast sail sheet block from its traveler and I lock it up on one of the boucle, depending on the wind direction,thus I can still use the after mast sail. You might need to lengthen your sheet to do so.
I hope this will help you.
Best regards
Erick Mejean

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From: asm283 <>
Subject: [Amel Yacht Owners] Davits for Super Maramu
Date: Mon, 20 Jan 2003 23:02:28 -0000

I am looking into buying davits for my SM 2000. I have spoken to a
few manufactures and they dont seem to have any solid ideas on how to
mount a set on the SM. The concern is that the stern rail does not go
all the way around and may be a weak point. Also the position of
backstays are challange. I have seen the pictures that are posted on
this site. However, the boat looks a little low on the davits. Has
anyone out ther come up with a design that works.

Thank you

Vito Ciaravino

ASM 283

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