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Ryan Meador

We've had good experience with SunPower.  We were looking specifically for flexible panels for our bimini because we didn't want to add an arch, so maybe what we found isn't quite applicable to you.  There is a huge variance in the quality and price, as you discovered.  My wife, Kelly, has a background in solar power and did all the research for our installation.  She decided on SunPower E-flex 100W panels which have very high efficiency and low cost (now they're 110W in the same size and price).  We bought them through Sun Powered Yachts.  We've been very happy with the performance -- our 500W of panels meets over 90% of our demand while at anchor (and probably exceeds demand in northern latitudes, but we haven't collected as much data outside the tropics).  Kelly wrote up a detailed article on our installation which was published in January's issue of Sail Magazine.  Unfortunately it's not online yet, so I can't give you a link.

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On Mon, Feb 10, 2020 at 10:46 AM David Crisp <david@...> wrote:
I've been scouring this group and the web looking at what solar panels to get. The various brands appear to all offer very similar specifications yet the price variance is huge.
For example an LG 330 NeON 2Black panel is UK£223 vs. the Trina Solar, 335W Half Cut Mono Solar Module at UK£109 (all exVAT). 
The only significant difference between the two brands that I can see is in the warranty performance after 25 years: LG warranty is for 90% of initial spec'n vs. the Trinasolar's 81%.
I see some of you have bought LG, someone else has gone for Watts/£ and Bisol. Has anyone discovered any major difference between the brands? Any recommendations?

David Crisp
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