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Matt Salatino

Years ago, when manufacturing techniques were highly variable, different manufacturers had a big impact on panel reliability. These days, the solar cell is the main differentiator, and mostly based on improved efficiency. If you’re satisfied with size vs output, Trina is a fine manufacturer.
We used SunPower (a premium brand) and Trina (less expensive, lower efficiency cells), but had better reliability from the Trina panels. Our SunPower was down to 55% of rated output after 4 years. They also would not honor warranty, as it wasn’t a home installation made by a professional installer. They refused to warranty on a boat. The replacement Trina’s were at 100%, 5 years later. Given the choices today, if the output and size of the Trina panels met my requirements, I’d happily go with them.


On Feb 10, 2020, at 10:46 AM, David Crisp <david@...> wrote:

I've been scouring this group and the web looking at what solar panels to get. The various brands appear to all offer very similar specifications yet the price variance is huge.
For example an LG 330 NeON 2Black panel is UK£223 vs. the Trina Solar, 335W Half Cut Mono Solar Module at UK£109 (all exVAT). 
The only significant difference between the two brands that I can see is in the warranty performance after 25 years: LG warranty is for 90% of initial spec'n vs. the Trinasolar's 81%.
I see some of you have bought LG, someone else has gone for Watts/£ and Bisol. Has anyone discovered any major difference between the brands? Any recommendations?

David Crisp
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