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Look in the seach box going back several years for previous inputs. Setting aside the efficiency of bigger battens the ordinary unbattened sail looks awful and as can be seen in my earlier posting on my last boat adding one or two small verticals (long time ago,I cnnot recall) made it possible to add &% sail area to the main and it no longer had the horrible negative roach and also set very well.
It has always surprised me that sailmakers are so reluctant to make this sort of sail. Perhaps they are cheaper and less expensive than more complex solutions. Mine was made by Mike Relling of North Sails and latterly Relling sails and he made it in another loft in Auckland.
I have yet to get a new main for my boat but when I do ir will certainly not have a negative roach.
I do wish people would add their model type and no to their messages.

Regards, Anneand John, SM319

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Just to balance this thread, I recently helped Kent Robertson sail "Kristy", his new-to-him SM#243, from Galveston to Key West. (You may recall his postings back in March & April). He had just installed new sails with vertical battens in the main.

Kent may want to weigh in here, too, but IMHO, the vertical battens were great. They furled flawlessly in heavy and light air and the sail was always beautifully shaped. No way to know definitively about added speed, but to an old racing skipper's eye they were the cat's meow.

Certainly the point about potential furling problems is prefectly valid and a very conservative approach may argue against them - a few tenths of a knot, perhaps, vs. a higher comfort level, but, hey, that's why they make chocolate and vanilla - take your pick!

Craig Briggs - Santorin #68 "Sangaris" in Siracusa, Sicily

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