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Matt Salatino

I have a friend in “the business”. His company installs solar panel systems on homes, businesses, and municipal buildings in New Jersey.
He feared, and had lots to complain about the tariff wars, claiming his business would be ruined, because no one would afford Chinese panels, as the prices would skyrocket. 
The tariffs had the opposite effect.
Tariffs squelched the Chinese demand and economy. Chinese installations went down, as the local economy was effected by the tariffs. The factories either had to shut down, or build a surplus. They continued to build, and prices dropped. Wholesale panel prices before tariffs were $0.42/watt. They dropped to $0.32/watt.
It turns out that my friend’s business improved, as he was able to enjoy a lower material cost.
He installs several brands, but mostly Trina Solar.


On Feb 11, 2020, at 5:04 AM, David Crisp <david@...> wrote:

Thanks for all the feedback.
Bill Rouse's comment is kind of where I thought we might end up. That is few people have been through enough brands to be able to make a fair comparison, plus the technology has been evolving fast as have the manufacturing techniques. 
Good to hear the positive reports on Trinasolar. The supplier I spoke to sells LG, Trinasolar, Panasonic and other brands as well and when asked recommended Trinasolar on the basis of there being little difference between them and LG to justify the price difference.
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