Re: Engine Mounts and Decoupling Vetus/Engine Block

Eric Freedman


You adjust the engine mounts with the tool against the transmission output flange.

Once the tool is centered on the flange you then continue to adjust the mounts until there is a plus or minus  .002 clearance between the flange and tool all the way around.. That means the shafts are perfectly aligned.

You then remove the tool and drop the engine back on to the mounts and tighten the engine mounts—USE new nylocks. You can then reassemble the drive chain. I don’t know if you have to  cut the connecting bolts to disassemble the assembly. If you do you can use threaded rod and nylocks to replace the cutoff bolts.

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That’s all really helpfull, thanks for that Herbert. So you slide the tool back and forth on the shaft to get the alignment right before bringing the engine and shaft back  together after the jobs are done? Unfortunately i’ll Still have to remove the shaft alternator to get to the leak on the flywheel bell housing I think :/ but certainly feel more comfortable abor starting the job now.


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