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I am very familiar with the options in Grenada. If your thought is to leave the boat in Prickly Bay unattended, this is a very bad idea. Beside the boat burglaries, the bay is very open and offers not protection from anything  southerly. In a named storm with rotation this bay will be treacherous. I addition, I seriously doubt if the moorings in this bay are maintained to any standard. Many cruisers stay there during the storm season but the main reason being it is cheap.


The St. Louis Marina has good protection and is protected by a mountain range on three sides. However, you are at the mercy of other owners securing their vessels. We were there for a tropical storm threat and very few boats had someone tending them. (our plan while in Grenada for a big named storm was to run south).


The boat yards in Grenada are also questionable. They do have the ability to strap down boats but again, not the best idea. Look back at the pictures of Ivan.


The bottom line, I do not think I would leave a boat unattended in Grenada during the hurricane season.


Have you considered Curacao in the ABCs they are on the bottom edge of the hurricane belt with a lower probability of being hit than Grenada. There is a great yard the with excellent security: Curacao Marine. To fly out, hop to Aruba where you can fly direct cheaply to pretty much anywhere. When back on the boat after hurricane season, you can easily sail to the Eastern Caribbean again on a beam reach. Curacao Marine also has the capability for you to bring back parts duty free.



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A mooring ball is rated in terms of holding power but I don’t understand what that means.  I also don’t know what holding power is required to hold a Super Maramu in a hurricane.  Could someone please explain if a 5t holding power would be sufficient or inadequate? 

I am trying to figure out what is the best option, to leave the boat on the hard (chocked and tied down) or in a marina (spider web of lines) or on a mooring ball.  We wish to leave our boat in Grenada during the hurricane season while we will be away the entire time.  (We will have someone check it regularly.)

Should the water tank be full or empty?  I guess if storing on land more weight is better, and in water less weight is better, but I am guessing.

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