Re: Holding power of Mooring Ball required for hurricanes

Dan Carlson

Good morning,. If you go to Peake in Trinidad, there is a good chance you will see us there this year.  We hauled there in 2017 and are planning to head back.  We also hauled in Curacao in 2018 and that was good for is as well. That decision should be based on your cruising plans for the next year.  Curacao is a good stop if you are heading west, but not if you want another pass up and down the eastern Caribbean. 

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On Wed, Feb 12, 2020, 8:28 PM Eamonn Washington <eamonn.washington@...> wrote:

A mooring ball is rated in terms of holding power but I don’t understand what that means.  I also don’t know what holding power is required to hold a Super Maramu in a hurricane.  Could someone please explain if a 5t holding power would be sufficient or inadequate? 

I am trying to figure out what is the best option, to leave the boat on the hard (chocked and tied down) or in a marina (spider web of lines) or on a mooring ball.  We wish to leave our boat in Grenada during the hurricane season while we will be away the entire time.  (We will have someone check it regularly.)

Should the water tank be full or empty?  I guess if storing on land more weight is better, and in water less weight is better, but I am guessing.

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