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tony wells

Hi Mohammad

I was originally seeking to buy a Highfield 310 Hypalon. However, I bought the 290 in PVC. 

The bow shape of the latest models has been ‘squared’ off, so I figured the useable space/seating of the 290 was equivalent to the previous 310 and I didn’t need any more volume than that, plus the 290 will fit even more comfortably on the coachroof. Incidentally, the lifting points (ie for davit use) seem exactly the same distance apart in the latest 290 and 310 models despite the different LOA of the models. 

The dealer convinced me the latest generation PVC from Highfield meant that the price difference for Hypalon was out of the question. And whilst Hypalon undoubtedly performs better in UV, I also read that PVC welding is superior to glued Hypalon seams? Finally, I was told that Hypalon marks more easily than PVC - note, all anecdotal info, others will have first hand experience! I would probably have still bought Hypalon if it hadn’t been something like 70% more expensive! 

The price of the latest model Highfield Classic 290 in light grey inc tax was only 2,700 Euros so it was an easy decision. Mecca Marine, Malta (Nichol on Whatsapp +35679732783). 

Hope useful,

A54 #102 Balthazar
Manoel Island, Malta

On 17 Feb 2020, at 00:54, Mohammad Shirloo <mshirloo@...> wrote:

Hi all;


We are in the process of selecting a new tender. We are considering the Highfield CL310 or CL340. I would appreciate input on the following issues:


  1. Opinions on the Highfield line of tenders. Good or bad.
  2. The CL310 seems to be a bit short and the bow may not sit firmly on the Davit when pulled up. The CL340 works great but will be wider the transom creating issues in tight docking quarters. What is the shortest length used by A54 owners with success?
  3. Can some one provide a measurement from the back of the mizzenmast to the mizzen traveler? I’d like to see which tender would fit on the aft sundeck.
  4. Opinions on carrying the tender deflated, pulled up and firmly lashed to the Davits during crossings? I’m concerned about following seas and waves hitting the tender and placing a substantial force on the Davits.
  5. PVC or Hypalon? There is about a 2000 Euro upcharge for Hypalon.


Happy Sailing;



Mohammad and Aty

B&B Kokomo

AMEL 54 #099


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