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Mohammad Shirloo

Thanks Jamie.


Keep in mind that the CL340 (same length as our current Zodiac) is wider than the stern and therefore does create issues when leaving the dock when docked stern to in tight quarters in strong cross winds. As an example, if you have a sail boat of similar or smaller size docked next to you, the bow on the dinghy will be at the same height as the life lines of that boat and as you leave dock, in a strong cross wind, the bow of the dinghy may catch the stanchions of the boat next to you.


This obviously mainly applies to the Med where you mostly dock stern to. However, the advantages of the CL340 seem to far outweigh the downsides and this is where we are leaning.


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I have always carried my Apex HD (hypalon) 3.1-meter dinghy on the davits during crossing and have never had a problem (always stored the motor separately on the railing). I have custom davits that are very high, so if I get a wave high enough to hit or fill the dinghy I will have far greater concerns......?
Since the Apex is now nearly 8 years old, I have ordered a new (slightly larger) Highfield CL340. This time, I will be keeping the motor on the dinghy.
I have my fingers crossed it will all work out when I get it in May.
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