Fuel tank cleaning

Paul Dowd and Sharon Brown

Hi all,


I have noticed that there is sludge sticking to the bottom of the fuel dip stick. After enquiring about getting the tank cleaned I have some questions:


Are there baffles in the tank that may restrict access to the bottom of the tank in places? I notice that there are two inspection hatches, of which the forward has an electrical cable connected to a terminal on top of it. I would also like to know what that is for.


It was also suggested to me that the tank may be sloping downwards towards the fore so the forward part may accumulate more sludge than what my dip stick may be indicating. Is this the case?


Which leads to … where is the fuel outlet – fore or aft?


My appreciations in advance for any answers!




S/Y Ya Fohi - Amel 54 #98


Ya Fohi - Amel 54 #98

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