Re: Carrying Tender on Davits while crossing

Mohammad Shirloo

Hi Joerg;


Thanks for the photos. Definitely a nice improvement to the Davits. The Davits on the 55 are closer spaced than the 54 and I believe are parallel and not at an angle like the 54. I think you could have carried either the 310 or the 340. I think the 310 on the 54 is problematic.


A few questions, if you don’t mind;



  1. How’s the ride on the CL340 and what size outboard?
  2. Can you plane with 4 people and some gear?
  3. What options would you recommend on the highfield?
  4. What issues, if any, have you had and what would you different?
  5. Do you have enough room between the mizzen and the mizzen traveler to store the 340 on deck or do you lash it to one side?


Happy Sailing;



Mohammad and Aty

B&B Kokomo

AMEL 54 #099


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Hi Mohammad, I have the CL 340 in Hypalon and it's in good shape after 4 seasons in the Med.  The French dealer in La Rochelle convinced me that Hypalon is the way to go for the Med/Caribbean.   I have the Amel provided davits on the 55 but I have some custom brackets which fixate the dinghy very well - no sliding or other movement whatsoever.  see pics.  For passages, I put on a cover to prevent a wave from filling the dinghy and I've not had any problems.  For offshore passages with a chance of serious gales, like a Transatlantic West to East, however, I would put the dinghy on the aft deck and the engine in the aft locker.   For one, I don't think I could deploy a drogue with the dinghy hanging from the davits.  

I hope this helps.     

Joerg Esdorn
A55 Kincsem

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