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Mohammad Shirloo



We have zero creeks or noise in any condition that we encountered so far. The construction of Amels are unlike any I had seen in the 4 year search, it took to select our boat. We started from a blank slate.


We spent 3 days at the factory, before we made our final decision and looked at the different stages of construction. All bulkheads are glassed to the hulls and the deck is glassed to the hull, while still in the mold. No mechanical connections, that we could see. When you look at the construction before the deck goes on, it is built like a honeycomb. Therefore, there is almost zero flex and twist. The twisting and flexing is what leads to different parts rubbing against each other and creating the noise. Ours is quiet in a blow or at a rolly anchorage.


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Mohammad and Aty

B&B Kokomo

AMEL 54 #099


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Subject: [AmelYachtOwners] Are Amel boats quiet?


Hi, could you please let me know if Amel boats, SM specifically, are quiet boats? I’ve chartered Lagoon catamaran last week and it was a noise generating machine at anchorage and during passages. 

They wrap standing rigging with plastic tubes and when wind blows above 10 knots those tubes start to vibrate and transfer noise to rigging and then hulls. When you are in a cabin it feels like airplane propeller right next to you. I was very surprised when I realized where the noise is coming from. 

Also during sailing and at rolly anchorages boat flexed and squeaked a lot. I was not expecting so much squeaking from a 2 year old boat. 

I know Amel’s are a different class of a boat and build quality, but would like to confirm  from this group what to expect. I’ve read marketing materials that bulkheads are glasses to hull and this eliminates squeaking, but what about all the other parts (floorboards, cabinets, etc)? Could you let me know how quiet Amel’s are and what to expect? 


Thanks in advance for your help. 


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