Re: Are Amel boats quiet?

I was at the boat show in La Rochelle with my wife two years ago. There we visited a Lagoon, a Hallberg-Rassy (beautiful yacht) and the New Amel 50.  As soon as we entered the boats, the loud creaking of the floor boards on the first two yachts could be felt and heard. 
With the Lagoon, it must be said that a charter version is always different from an owner version. 
A friend of mine wants to buy a catamaran and has the same problem. My objection here is that with a catamaran of similar size and price, the quality has to take a back seat. 
In addition, these products are mass produced. 
Thank God I own a 20 year old Amel Super Maramu 2000 and I can safely say that it is a very quiet boat. Nothing rattles, the floor is solid and all cupboards still close tight. 
It is clear that there is always noise from shrouds, beating sails, ropes and waves while sailing. But these are minimized by the quality of the construction. 
You should also not neglect the safety aspect when making your purchase decisions. 
The Amel shipyard is also known for this. 

Cheers HEINZ
SY Quetzal, SM 2000, 292 

Am 18.02.2020 um 03:27 schrieb Ruslan Osmonov <rosmonov@...>:

Hi, could you please let me know if Amel boats, SM specifically, are quiet boats? I’ve chartered Lagoon catamaran last week and it was a noise generating machine at anchorage and during passages. 
They wrap standing rigging with plastic tubes and when wind blows above 10 knots those tubes start to vibrate and transfer noise to rigging and then hulls. When you are in a cabin it feels like airplane propeller right next to you. I was very surprised when I realized where the noise is coming from. 
Also during sailing and at rolly anchorages boat flexed and squeaked a lot. I was not expecting so much squeaking from a 2 year old boat. 
I know Amel’s are a different class of a boat and build quality, but would like to confirm  from this group what to expect. I’ve read marketing materials that bulkheads are glasses to hull and this eliminates squeaking, but what about all the other parts (floorboards, cabinets, etc)? Could you let me know how quiet Amel’s are and what to expect? 

Thanks in advance for your help. 

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