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Hi Steve,

In my opinion a 47kg Mantus is overkill. Remember that the system is as strong as its weakest link. Pay particular attention to swivels and other connectors. 

I would suggest looking for something around 40kg as a maximum. For my 54 I chose a 37kg Spade anchor. When it is well set I can not budge it with a lot of power, I also went for new 10mm Grade 70 chain rather than the grade 40 and a massive Mantus swivel and special shackle that is as strong as the grade 70 chain. The original 30kg WASI is now a second anchor, but in my view it is undersized and a bit old fashioned. It does however fit well on the port roller, and is ready to go, and more or less manageable from a dinghy.

Obviously there is a good argument for a massive anchor, but as you point out you must consider the windlass and the rest of the system.

All in my humble opinion.


Amelia AML 54-019
Kilada Greece.

On 18 Feb 2020, at 08:30, Stephen Nicholson <stevenich@...> wrote:

Hello everyone,
I am about to purchase a new Mantus 47 kg (105lb) galvanised anchor for my Super Maramu, which is the same size as that on SvDelos, but quite large for an SM which seem to usually have anchors around 30kg. Unfortunately, I have been unable to find out how Delos have got on with it, but most experienced sailors say it is better to go bigger for the extra security.  With an all chain rode, 10mm I think, am I putting too much strain on the windlass on a daily basis? I would appreciate your thoughts and recommendations.
Steve Nicholson
SM Antigua II #89

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