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Ruslan Osmonov

Hi, how do you clean it? On my current boat I open tank every spring and use plastic tube connected to a pump to remove 1-2 gallons until I stop seeing black chunks from the bottom. 
I do that to avoid filters clogging, even though I have double primaries setup. Preventive measures. I’d like to continue to clean the tanks with Amel as well, knowing that it would reduce my chances of clogging primaries. 

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For info: A54 diesel tank blueprint attached. 

Hope that helps

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Thanks for that. Yes, I should have guessed the wires for the gauge! A for the possible slope I guess I could put a spirit level on and see what it averages out at.




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Pretty sure fuel outlet is fore as that's where the Racors are. The forward hatch wires are for the electronic fuel gauge in the cockpit fuel locker. 

There's bit of a baffle. Just open up the hatches and all will be obvious. It's pretty easy to open.

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