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Porter McRoberts

As I understand it, series vs parallel is a trade off. In series, in full light, there is reduced impedance because of the higher transmission voltages to the MPPT ostensibly close to the batteries. In parallel, higher resistances( 3x) because 1/3rd the transmission voltage, but when shading one panel you still have 2/3 the amperage at the same voltage that you had with no shading. 
So it’s a trade off. For us: we went with series installation as our plan was less time around other masts and more time in Anchorages and sailing. I’d love to see actual numbers. 
Never sure I made the right choice, except I run the genny for water and laundry only now, so solar has been a big improvement over all. 


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The Amel installation includes a Victron 150/35 MPPT controller.  I have observed that shading is definitely an issue.  As the sun makes its way around, there are always times when the mizzen boom, mizzen mast, SSB whip antenna and even the US ensign makes a minor amount of shade, resulting sometimes in a big drop of output.  I have no experience with panels that do not have blocking diodes So I’m wondering how much worse the impact of shading would be. I also wonder why Amel installed the panels in series rather than Parallel as there is a tradeoff im sure.  

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