Re: Sailing performance Mango vs Super Maramu

marty hameline

I was unaware Amel made a houseboat...
The Mango is older and a model enhanced became SM. 
Someone who has sailed extensively on both should be able to describe the nuances of each.  
Cheers Slavko!

Maramu #129

On Feb 20, 2020, at 8:10 AM, Massimo Vecchietti <massimovecchietti@...> wrote:

....I  am extreme SM is a sailing boat...
Mango is a house boat!
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Il Gio 20 Feb 2020, 02:33 Slavko Despotovi <slavko@...> ha scritto:

I am on the market for Amel. Have seen Mango and Super Maramu. At first I was very much into Mango but after inspecting Super Maramu I am more into SM now. I would very much appreciate any insight about the differences of two boats. Like sailing perfomance, systems....



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