Re: Sailing performance Mango vs Super Maramu

rob dillmann

We have looked into a maramu, mango and supermaramu before deciding on a mango.

The mango is comparable to a maramu, but slightly larger.

The difference between a mango and super maramu depends, since later mango’s can also have electrical furling and the bowthruster.

Aside from that, the mango has a regular propshaft (which I find an advantage) and a different hullshape, especially aft. Systems are 12v. Prices of Mango’s are more favorable. 

In general many features of the mango are also present in the super maramu. 

More details can be found in 

Good luck with the choice, either way all boats are Amels,

Rob Dillmann 
Westwind Mango nr 43

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Op 20 feb. 2020 om 07:33 heeft Slavko Despotovi <slavko@...> het volgende geschreven:


I am on the market for Amel. Have seen Mango and Super Maramu. At first I was very much into Mango but after inspecting Super Maramu I am more into SM now. I would very much appreciate any insight about the differences of two boats. Like sailing perfomance, systems....



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